KiraMed GmbH

KiraMed GmbH was founded in January 2015 under the name Kira Health GmbH. In 2016 Kira Health GmbH merged with the Zug-based Kira Consulting GmbH. And since October 2018 we have changed the company name to KiraMed GmbH.

What does “Kira” actually mean?

The name “KIRA” is derived from the early days of the company. At that time the founder, Olivier Ruppen, started with two therapeutic thrusts – KI-nesiology and RA-dionics. Over the years, the company’s expertise has been greatly expanded, so that the current purpose of the company is to provide services in the fields of Traditional European Naturopathy TEN,  Chinese Medicine TCM, Orthomolecular Medicine, Fatty Acid, Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis, Instrumental Biocommunication, Trade and Distribution of Health Products and Nutritional Supplements.


KiraMed pursues the vision that health should be an optimal balance between body, mind and soul. If one or more of these areas are disturbed (e.g. by stress), sooner or later imbalances (i.e. diseases) will occur which cannot be corrected by the system without further action. At this point at the latest, the human being has to react if he does not want to go into a self-destructive spiral. We therefore want to help our patients and clients not only to alleviate or resolve their complaints, but also to show them ways to maintain their health in the long term.

KiraMed GmbH relies on a unique concept – a combination of balancing methods on a physical, emotional and information level to reduce the above mentioned consequences. The joy and quality of life gained in this way ultimately has a positive effect on the individual.