Mission statement


We understand health as a concept of optimal balance between body, mind and soul. Consequently, we want to offer to our patients and clients not just a soothening or solving of their issues, but we’d also like to show them ways to maintain their health.

To keep up with this claim, we are available to our patients not only during therapy, but also beyond.

Who we are

We are a team of highly qualified and motivated therapists and service people with their core-competencies around alternative and complementary medical services. Our offering includes prevention and therapy. We are open towards all therapies that could improve our patients situation.

Our offering

We are welcoming all people of all ages in every domain – body, mind and soul, as well as informational and energetic (non-material) fields. Our core-competencies are the Traditional European Naturopathy TEN, analysis and consulting of fatty-acids, minerals and toxic metals, orthomolecular counseling, spinal integration (NST), kinesiology (for example Brain-Gym for learning- or performance disabilities), and instrumental biocommunication.

What we expect from you

During therapy, we consider you as part of the team, which is working to reach the same goals. Therefore, to be open an tolerant for new or unusual methods, as well as your active collaboration and feed-back are a “must” for every successful treatment. The more intensively you bring yourself into this dialog, the better the expectation can be. Rest assured of us being all-ears for your suggestions.

Ethical principals

We offer our help to all living species for as long as they or their lawful representative has asked us for it.

We use all of our resources for the sake and benefit of the individual and of “the grand total”. If necessary, we will transfer our patients and clients to other third-party experts.