Magdalena Schaller

Magdalena Schaller Dipl. Naturheilpraktikerin TEN/ TCM Master of Medicine shuoshi Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine


Independent of the form of illness, the age of the patient or other lifestyle-events, my therapies not only attempt to eliminate or reduce the disturbancies, but also to strenghten and harmonize the vital parameters. With this, a better state of mental and/or physical and subjective wellbeing can be achieved.


  • born 1975
  • 1994 Fachabitur (Berufsgymnasium Zator, Polen)
  • 1998 Studies at the Faculty of Law; at the same time lecturer (Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland)
  • 1999- 2003 Training as alternative practitioner at the technical school for naturopathy in Duisburg (DE)
  • 2001 Training as a nurse’s aide at Malteser – Cologne, with internships in inpatient care with gerontopsychiatrically altered patients
  • 2003 Permission to practice medicine without medical appointment (City of Krefeld, DE)
  • 2004 Lecturer for physical therapies, European Association for Naturopathy in Duisburg (EVfN)
  • 2005 – 2017 Self-employed, in own practice for physical therapies and holistic natural healing (DE)
  • 2018 Studium zum Master of Medicine an der Guangxi-Universität für Chinesische Medizin China ( Nanning)
  • 2020 Start as freelance therapist at KiraMed GmbH

Studies and further educations


  • 1999- 2003 Training as alternative practitioner at the technical school for naturopathy in Duisburg
  • 2001 Teaching of the flower therapy according to Dr.Bach
  • 2010 Phytotherapie Alcea/Ceres
  • 2011 Training in cell symbiosis therapy
  • 2013 Training at the Regena-Academy
  • 2013 Colon-Hydro-Therapy
  • 2013 Horvi-Enzym Therapy

Physical Therapies

  • 2001 Diploma in Chiropraktics – EVfN Duisburg
  • 2001 Specialist therapeutic training in neural therapy
  • 2001-2003 Training in the physical field: lymphatic drainage, spine therapy according to Dorn&Breus, foot reflex zone therapy, massage therapy, autologous blood therapy
  • 2013 Intensiv training „Aku-Taping- Kinesio-Taping“
  • Since 2004: Lecturer for physical therapies School of Naturopathy European Association for Naturopathy Duisburg (EVfN)

Relaxation Therapies

  • 2005-2006 Training as relaxation therapist EVfN; topics: Psychotherapy practice level I and II, psychosomatic medicine, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson, hypnosis for therapists and consultants
  • 2006 Seminar teacher for breathing therapy

Multi-resonance therapies

2008 Bicom Bioresonance method – Regumed Institute for Regulatory Medicine

2011 Meridian energy techniques according to Franke

2008- 2010 Training in Biological Medicine /Swiss Biological Medicine Academy at the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle (Switzerland – AR) and internship at the SwissMoutainClinic al Ronc Castaneda (Switzerland – TI)

Traditional Chinese Therapies

2006 Reiki; First degree in the Usui System

2016 TCM Organsyndroms EVfN

2016 Acupuncture Course Society “Medical Forum for Acupuncture

2015 – 2018 Master of Medicine shuoshi at the elite university of Guangxi/Nanning China, participation in the therapy book of Prof. Lin Chen ” The Zhuang Acupuncture”

Laboratory- und Diagnostic Knowledge

  • Regelmässige Fortbildung im Bereich der Labor Medizin; Ganzimmun Diagnostik AG, Orthoanalytik und Biovis


  • Regular further training in the field of laboratory medicine; Ganzimmun Diagnostik AG, Orthoanalytik and Biovis