Stefanie Eggo

Stefanie Eggo – Certified Therapist in Naturopathy

I was born in 1985 and grew up in Leuk-Susten, where I still live today. As a wife and mother of two children, the health of my fellow human beings is even more important to me than before.

After completing my 4-year training at the Bodyfeet Centre in Thun to become a certified naturopathic practitioner TEN and a certified Pilates trainer, my goal is to treat patients professionally and pass on effective advice.

I see it as my task to activate the self-healing powers, but this is only possible through active cooperation of the patient.

It is my duty to consider the human being in its entirety, to include all levels of the body, to bring mind and soul back into balance and to competently advise, care for and accompany patients on their path to health.


  • 2003-2006 Commercial college OMS Brig
  • 2007-2010: Training as Certified Naturopath TEN (Bodyfeet Thun)
  • 2008: Medical training 609h in human anatomy, physiology and pathology as well as anamnesis and diagnostics (Bodyfeet Thun)
  • 2008: Qualified professional masseuse (Bodyfeet Thun)
  • 2009: Certified foot reflexology masseuse (Bodyfeet Thun)
  • 2009: Compulsory empirical medical sub-methods 517.5h (Bodyfeet Thun)
  • 2009: Experience medicine general naturopathy 701.5h (Bodyfeet Thun)
  • 2009: Training as Pilates trainer
  • 2009: Start as freelance Pilates trainer (PilatesArbor)
  • 2010: Start as freelance naturopath
  • 2019: Start as freelance therapist at KiraMed GmbH

Further Education:

  • 2012: Clinical days for therapists
  • 2012: Acupuncture massage
  • 2012: Breuss, mobilization of the spine
  • 2013: HypnoCoaching 1
  • 2013: Headache and migraine therapy
  • 2013: HypnoCoaching 2
  • 2013: Yoga Massage – Asanas
  • 2014: Emergencies in practice
  • 2014: Venipuncture for blood collection
  • 2015: Oncology today
  • 2015: The intestine – a miracle
  • 2017: Pilates Essential
  • 2018: Pilates Essential
  • 2019: TEK Therapeutic Energetic Kinesiologie

Therapeutic offering

  • Autohaemotherapy
  • Leech therapy
  • Pilates group and individual lessons also on the couch, and for pregnant women
  • Cupping / Bloody Cupping
  • Spinal column therapy according to Dorn
  • Manual Trigger Point Therapy
  • Classical massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Ear candles
  • Ceres
  • Bach flowers
  • TEK (Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology)