Privacy statement

Privacy statement

KiraMed GmbH appreciates your visit to this web site (“Kira Website”) and your interest in our services and products. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our site.

By accessing the Kira Website you accept this Privacy Statement (“Statement”).

If you do not agree to this Statement, do not proceed to further web pages of the Kira Website.

This Statement may be updated from time to time. We therefore ask you to consult it on a regular basis.

What are the purpose and the scope of this Statement?

Details about your visit may be recorded when visiting the Kira websites. Accordingly, Kira has developed this Statement to describe how and what type of data will be collected from users of the Kira Website and the purposes for which Kira may collect, share or disclose the data.

This Statement applies to any information obtained by Kira through your use of the Kira Website. It is not applicable to any Internet websites controlled by third parties not affiliated with Kira that the Kira Website may link to (“Third Party Sites”). Please review the privacy statements of Third Party Sites as Kira is not responsible for and has no influence on the content or the privacy practices of Third Party Sites.


What information do we collect from you and for what purpose?

When you visit the Kira Website, our web server automatically records details about your visit (for example, your IP address, the web site from which you visit us, the type of browser software used, the Kira Website pages that you actually visit including the date and the duration of your visit).

In addition, we collect personal data which you provide through the Kira Website, for example when you enter personal details (e.g. name, gender, address, e-mail address, phone/fax number) on blog page or if you sign up for an email newsletter.

Kira may use your personal data:

  • for the purposes of technical administration and research & development of the Kira Website,
  • for customer and user administration and marketing,
  • to inform you about our services and products, and
  • for such purposes as otherwise specified.


How do we collect and store information from you?

Kira may use tracking technology such as cookies or tags to gather information as outlined above (see: “What information do we collect from you and for what purpose?”) to understand how visitors use the Kira Website.

Tracking technology helps us manage and improve the usability of the Kira Website, for example by detecting whether there has been any contact between your computer and us in the past and to identify the most popular sections of the Kira Website.

Please ensure that you set your cookie settings by un-ticking certain types of cookies if you do not consent to their use by Kira.

When you save your cookie settings, they should also apply to your future visits to the Kira Website. However, for technical reasons beyond Kira’s control, this cannot be guaranteed.  For example, if you reset your browser, delete your cookies or access the Kira website from another browser or device your cookie settings may be lost.

In many cases you can also control tracking technologies using your browser. Please ensure that your browser setting reflects whether you wish to be warned about and/or accept tracking technologies (such as cookies) where possible.  The specific capabilities of your browser and instructions on how to use them can usually be found in the manual or help file of your browser.

Refusing, disabling or deactivating of tracking technologies may result in a reduced availability of the services provided by the Kira Website or parts of the Kira Website may no longer function correctly.

To whom do we disclose your information collected from the Kira Website?

Kira may disclose your information to its affiliates and its and their agents and third party providers inside or outside your country of residence to perform services for Kira and for the purposes stated above.

All data that you submit, as well as your IP-address will be transmitted to the EU or the USA via third-party apps (for example Akismet or Antispam Bee) for verification and (possibly) remain registered there for reasons of avoiding spam. Further information about Akismet or Antispam Bee may be found by clicking the respective links.

What should you consider when sending data over the Internet?

The Internet is generally not regarded as a secure environment, and information sent via the Internet (such as to or from the Kira Website or via electronic message) may be accessed by unauthorized third parties, potentially leading to disclosures, changes in content or technical failures. Even if both sender and receiver are located in the same country, information sent via the Internet may be transmitted across international borders and be forwarded to a country with a lower data protection level than the one existing in your country of residence.

Please note that we accept no responsibility or liability for the security of your information whilst in transit over the Internet to Kira. In order to protect your privacy we would like to remind you that you may choose another means of communication with Kira, where you deem it appropriate.

How can you access or review your personal data?

Should you have a request regarding the processing of your personal data please send a letter to the following address:
KiraMed GmbH
Landstrasse 62
3904 Naters