Instrumental Biocommunication

Instrumental biocommunication with Quantec

Biological organisms have had the ability to communicate with each other outside the realms perception and measurement forever. This is called biocommunication.

Instrumental biocommunication is the possibility to build a physical device in such a way, that it can simulate a biological system.  As such, it can communicate with other biological systems, obtain information and also pass it on to other systems.

All that a computer needs for this are respective interfaces, which enable it to communicate with biological systems. These interfaces are based on diodes generating white noise, on the one hand, and on the processes similar to the entanglement (nonlocality) of twin-photones, on the other hand.

We are using Quantec® one of the most advanced systems of its kind, worldwide.

It’s not just since the discovery of the quantum-mechanical laws that we know that humans are much more than just body and mind. And that, surprisingly, even matter seems to mostly consist of non-matter, that is governed by a mental principle. So it seems downright strange that even in medicine of the 21st century we hardly make use of these discoveries. But if this mental principle really is part of shaping matter itself, wouldn’t it make sense to use this intelligence in order to help it shape our own wellbeing? Thanks to the instrumental biocommunication with Quantec, this is now possible!