Kira Health GmbH is expanding


One of the strategic goals of Kira Health GmbH is to gather talented therapists under one roof in order to offer our patients an extensive line of therapeutic methodologies. Kira Health GmbH aims to become an important pillar in the regional health-system. That’s why I’m very happy to announce that my daughter, Nadine, will become the first therapist in this new line-up!

Nadine (born 1994) is currently studying Naturopathy TEN at Bodyfeet in Thun. She is joining Kira Health GmbH as a freelancer. Her current offering is about classic (swedish) massages (Nadine is a certified health-massage therapist). The offering will be continously extended in the next months and years.

Nadine and myself are happy to support our patients with our knowledge and therapies in our praxis.