Our aim at KiraMed is to offer our clients a solution in every possible dimension (body, mind, soul, information-field, energy-field).

On the physical body, we are mainly using NST (an osteospinal integration technique), classic (swedish) massages and foot reflexology. Furthermore, we are using multiple expurgatory methods used mainly in Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN), such as cupping or Baunscheidt-technique.

One of our core-competencies is the bowel sanitation. First, we are having the patient’s microbiome (stool) analyzed by one of the leading laboratories in Europe. The results then usually lead to a treatement with the propper pre- and probiotics. Besides that, and if desired, we are proposing an individual diet.

We are using different analytical methods to find out about the current levels of toxic metals in the tissues and cells, such as hair-analysis, blood, urine or the SO-Check..

When it comes to silent inflammations,  “good” fatty acids are playing a vital role in our body. More specifically, the ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 is crucial! With a simple test, you can have your status of fatty acids analysed by a renowned lab in Switzerland.

On the mental and emotional level (and also on an energetic level), we are using the kinesiologic muscle test to determine blockages (such as emotional stress or emotional reasons for learning difficulties).

By using high-quality oils of dōTerra we are including several senses of our patients at the same time. The oils can be applied on the skin, orally or by inhalation.

In the domain of energy- and information-fields, we are refering to one of the most advanced technological devices available on the market: Quantec instrumental biocommunication.

The philosophy

Bowel sanitation

Dietary counselation


Classic massages

Foot reflexology

Neurostructural Integration Technique

Instrumental biocommunication

Analysis of fatty acids

Analysis of vitamins, minerals or toxic metals

dōTerra Aroma-Therapiy