Fatty Acid Consultation

Good fat – bad fat?

Though the message has not arrived everywhere, yet – the awareness is growing that fat isn’t really bad for our organism. Quite the opposite is true! But it depends which fat we are talking about and what their ratio is.

For instance: the ratio of Omega 6 fatty acids vs Omega 3 fatty acids and arachidonic acid (AA) vs eicosapentaeonic acid (EPA) seems to play an important role. Unfortunately, this ratio has clearly shifted during the past decades because of our changing nutritional habits.  But our body is still working according to the same rules as ever!

Fatty acids ratio through the ages

The consequences of this mismatch resp. to high or to low fatty acids can lead to health issues. That’s why it is a great idea to know my own fatty acid data. The fatty acid test by Swiss Medical Plus measures 26 fatty acids (which covers more than 99% of all fatty acids in our body). It serves as the basis for several health analysis. We are Swiss Medical Plus certified and accredited fatty acids consultant.