The body never lies

Kinesiology is assembling various aspects of occidental and asian complementary methods, such as chiropractics, dietetics, kinetics (exercising), meridian-science and acupressure. Energetic blockade and resulting illness can be found through weaknesses and cramps of the muscles. As these are related to visceral parts of the body through specific energy flows, one can conclude directly that an organ has to deal with an energy-jam or a complete lack of energy. These disbalances may be either structural (for example visceral functions or tissues), biochemical (i.e. immune system or endocrine system) or emotional.

The kinesiologist expects the body to know by itself what is good for the system or not. Whether a muscle is reacting strongly or weakly does not depend on the number of training-lessons, but rather if the energy-supply is blocked, for instance by stress. Confronting the body, respectively the muscle with this stress will lead the muscle to either “turn on or off”.

By using appropriate corrections, the system can be rebalanced and strengthen. This results in an increased vitality and an improved resistance.

A typical usage would be:

  • stress at work
  • learning disabilities (at school or on the job)
  • family – relationship
  • stressful situations (for example angst, anxiety)

Quite often, aside from emotional constraints, these stressors are beginning to develop physical illness or problems, such as

  • digestive problems (diarrhea, obstipation)
  • sleep disorder
  • shoulder-, neck- and backpain
  • headaches
  • and many more

Through established and also self-developed procedures, I’m reducing the response-behavior to these stressors, and with this the consequences (see above). The result: a more balanced and thus happier (and healthier) life.