Kira Therapy Concept©

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Every vehicle owner – no matter if he owns a car, a motorbike or a bike – knows this much: if you want to make sure that your vehicle is in perfect condition, it is recommendable to visit a specialist i.e. a garage on a regular basis. There, during the check-up, your vehicle is properly serviced and used parts are replaced and components in good condition are being tuned in an optimal way to function properly together.

But, what about ourselves? Our system which consists of body (physical level), mind (emotional level) and soul (informational level) is being used on a daily basis and brought to the verge of its possibilities (and sometimes even beyond) quite too often. Just think of all the stress we are regularly confronted with at school, on the job or in our private lives. It is only a matter of time until our “vehicle” will show signs of wear and tear. The problem with this: once this happens it is basically already too late. Our system is out of balance and is now trying to be heard by showing signs of pain and/or illness. Those are always alarm-signals to warn us that we should change something in our life-style!

It would be much better if we would undertake ourselves to a regular “service” in order to recognize potential problems of our daily, stressful lives, early and rebalance them.

In my praxis, I look at everyone in a personal way. After a thorough discussion (anamnesis) I will elaborate an individual concept – the Kira Therapy Concept© – to recalibrate all three levels (physical, emotional/mental and informal level) and bring them into balance. To do this, I use several tools:

NST is an astonishingly efficient, spinal integration-technique, that results in fast and effective pain relief. At the same time it is increasing energy levels and leads to better health.

With Kinesiology even deep emotional stress can be detected and rebalanced. For this, I use a very simple, yet efficient tool: the client itself! With a muscle-test, one can “interrogate” the system and ask it directly what is putting a burden on it or is causing a blockade. Thereafter, those reasons are being rebalanced and, if possible, eliminated.

In the area of the information-field, I take advantage of instrumental biocommunication in order to detect even hidden “miss-information” and harmonizing it. I’m using the probably most advanced tool in this area – Quantec®. Thanks to very elaborate findings of quantum-physics, Quantec is recognizing potential interferences and is supporting the client with their elimination.