Analysis of Micronutritionals

It is not the illness, but our health that we must take care of!

Dr. Lothar Burgerstein (1895 – 1987)

Though some circles are still doubting it – slowly the century-old awareness is gaining ground that a healthy person needs a healthy environment to begin with. On a structural level, this means that we have to make sure that our body is receiving the necessary nutrition, minerals, vitamins, amino-acids, fatty acids and trace-elements and minerals in the most ideal composition as possible. Furthermore, we need to avoid a toxic-metal pollution or eliminate them out of our bodies altogether. Of course we also need good genetics and  a stable and healthy environment. Sounds simple? But it’s getting increasingly hard to achieve!

The orthomolecular medicine is both, enlarging and completing traditional (aleopathic) medicine by measuring the concentration of substances in the human body and compares them to the amounts normaly to be found in a healthy system. At the same time it also determines certain relations (for example between sodium and potassium) and contaminations such as mercury, lead or aluminium, because they could potentially influence the functioning of the cells in a negative way. Not the symptom is important, but the biochemical profile. The major goal is prevention. If necessary, the therapy consists of bionatural, physiological substances.

The current state is being determined, depending on what we are looking for, with a blood or serum sample, an analysis of hair-strains, in capillary blood, the urine or with a stool sample. The first two, blood and serum tests, have to be done by a physician (medical doctor) in Switzerland. We can help you with the other labs. Aside from lab-based analysis, you need a professional and continuing follow-up by a medical expert!

The following article in the magazine “natürlich” dated 1.5.2018 is also discussing the use of micronutritionals (article in German, only):